1. –> it calculates the moment tensor matrix for given M0, strike, dip and rake
2. –> this program diagonalizes the given matrix. It can be used to diagonalize the moment tensor matrix as well.
3. –> it gives the isotropic and deviatoric part for a given moment tensor matrix
4. –> this gives the major and minor double couple as output.
5. –> this gives the double couple and clvd part as output.
6. –> this gives the auxiliary fault plane as output for a given main fault plane.
7. –> this bash script plots the focal mechanism solution for a given strike, dip and rake. It makes use of the program.
Example Focal Mechanism Plot for:
Main Fault
Strike = 40 degrees
Dip = 50 degrees
Rake = 60 degrees
Click here for the plot

—Utpal Kumar (IES,  Academia Sinica)