Reading Complex Text Data (MATLAB)

Text data which is in one format all through the file is easier to read. But when the text data has numeric entries, string entries (different data formats), then it becomes little complicated to read and write. Sometimes, the data is also not arranged in regular rows and columns form which makes them even more tougher to read.

Here we address such problems.

Reading complex text data

Reading Data

clear; close all; clc;

filename='stn_data.txt'; %giving the file name to be opened

fileID = fopen(filename); %defining the identifier for file

format='%s %f %f'; %format of the text file


fclose(fileID); %close the file

stnName=data{1};    %reading the first column

data1=data{2};  %reading the second column

data2=data{3};  %reading the third column

Writing Data:

clear; close all; clc;

%% Writing Data into the text file

%defining a number of strings


%defining variable data1 with values between 0-10


%defining variable data1 with values between 0-100


fileid=fopen('stn_data.txt','w'); %opening a file in writing mode

for i=1:length(stnName)

    fprintf(fileid,'%s %.3f %.3f\n',stnName{i},data1(i),data2(i)); %writing data into the file iteratively


fclose(fileid); % closing the file

MATLAB Scripts:

Reading data

Writing data

—Utpal Kumar (IES,  Academia Sinica)

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