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Plotting spiral pattern using MATLAB

MATLAB Codes:   clear; close all; clc  t = linspace(0,10*pi,1000);  x = t.*cos(t);  y = t.*sin(t);  z=linspace(0,2*pi,1000); plot3(x,y,z,'LineWidth',8) axis tight, grid on, view(35,30) c = 1:numel(t);       surface([x(:), x(:)], [y(:), y(:)], [z(:), z(:)], ...     [c(:), c(:)],... Continue Reading →


Using Generic Mapping Tool (Basics)

Generic Mapping Tool (GMT) is an open-source collection of commands for processing and displaying 2D or 3D datasets. It also has features like rasterization, filtering and other image processing operations. Here, we will see how can we use it to... Continue Reading →

Guessing a number (Fortran)

This program will randomly pick a value and the user is prompted to enter their guess. It will keep counting your number of attempts to reach the value stored by the system. The lower the number of guesses you have,... Continue Reading →

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