Spectral Analysis of wide variety of data in MATLAB

Signals can be any time-varying or space-varying quantity. Examples: speech, temperature readings, seismic data, stock price fluctuations. A signal has one or more frequency components in it and can be viewed from two different standpoints: time-domain and frequency domain. In general, signals are recorded in time-domain but analyzing signals in frequency domain makes the task easier.... Continue Reading →

Statistical Analysis in MATLAB

Doing statistical analysis in MATLAB is lot easier than other computer languages. Here, we can make use of the intrinsic "plot" to visualize the statistics of the data. Below are some programs for commonly used statistical analysis: Calculating mean, standard deviation, median etc of the data and visualizing the data using the histograms. Here, we... Continue Reading →

Using a Function (MATLAB)

If we need to run the same algorithms or formula for computations again and again, then instead of writing the same stuffs in our script file many times, we can simply write a function. This makes our script look simpler and faster to run. Writing a function in MATLAB Examples: Calculating mean and standard deviation... Continue Reading →

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