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Ray tracing through a 1-D velocity model

Refer to Chapter 4 of Shearer, Introduction to Seismology. For a ray piercing through Earth, the ray parameter (or horizontal slowness) p is defined by several expressions: where u = 1/v is the slowness, θ is the ray incidence angle, T is... Continue Reading →

Introduction to Python Part II

I. Type of objects in Python: In Python, every object has its own class - or type of data. The in-depth tutorial can be found on the web, for example, In this tutorial, I will introduce some basic type... Continue Reading →

Introduction to Python (Part I)

Python is a high-level, general-purpose, interpreted programming language. It can be used to do some different purpose: from managing large data, simple to complex calculations to very specific objectives by using the pre-written packages. There are 2 most common used versions... Continue Reading →

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