Earthquake Finder

This program can be used to obtain the earthquake information from various sources. The user can search for any event for given time range, magnitude range, depth range, geographical area. It can also obtain the focal mechanism solutions for the given parameters. It gives the output file (catalog.txt by default) where all the information is... Continue Reading →

Calculating Auxiliary Fault Plane Solutions given the main fault (Fortran)

We have calculated the auxiliary fault plane solution using the input of main fault solution in perl. Here, we do the same in Fortran. And we will also plot to solution to visualize the results. Fortran Code to get the auxiliary fault plane solutions: program auxiliary_fault_plane ! Program to calculate the strike, dip and rake... Continue Reading →

Moment Tensor Calculations

Programs: 1. --> it calculates the moment tensor matrix for given M0, strike, dip and rake 2. --> this program diagonalizes the given matrix. It can be used to diagonalize the moment tensor matrix as well. 3. --> it gives the isotropic and deviatoric part for a given moment tensor matrix 4. --> this gives the major and minor... Continue Reading →

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